The final countdown

Today was hard, but not as bad as tuesday.
It's my own fault was a meeting with free food and booze and I didn't have to drive myself home and people kept refilling my glass when I wasn't looking, so by the time J came to get me I was well on my way to singing random phrases out loud...I've heard that drinking alcohol the night before you run can effect your stamina by dehydrating you. I felt OK this morning, but it was harder, so I think I did that to myself.
BUT nevertheless I did do it all. It's tapered down as the marathon is on I did walk 2 minutes run 4 minutes 5 times and walked 5 minutes at the end. I'm having a dilemma about what to do on saturday. THere is anotehr workout identical to the one I did today scheduled for saturday, but the marathon is sunday. PLUS I'm going to Regina tomorrow to dance like an idiot into the wee hours of saturday morning. We're supposedly slacking back the workout to be energised and invigorated for the marathon and we're not supposed to work out 2 days in a row...So I may count 3 or 4 hours of vigorous dancing as my final workout and then relax and sleep and do nothing on saturday. I have to pick up my race package and get my shirt and (maybe) timing chip for the big day.
It's so exciting! I don't know if I can run the whole way, but I want to be rested and refreshed (well as much as I can) and do as much as I can. Just finishing it will be such a huge goal forme.

I can't wait!

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