Day 8 and 9

Busy day there yesterday so I never made it by here...but I've been good.

On Wednesday I did my ball muscle training tape like a good girl...and this morning, although the weather made it impossible to run along the river without being blown away (think Wizard of Oz scale winds here) I crawled out of bed ad 5:30 and did do my cardio run stuff indoors on our cross trainer machine. I did 6 replicates of 5 minutes regular cardio work out (2 orange lights) followed by 1 minutes all out as fast as I could 5 minutes extra at the end...just cuz I felt like it. I honestly did. Go figure...Thismorning I tried to drink water during my workout but all it did was give me a pain in my side...I don't get it. I thought water was supposed to be good for your workout? I'll just keep at it I guess...maybe you need to get used to it?? It's just weird. I didn't do too many stretches tho, as I was going to miss my bus, but I did have a granola bar and milk for breakfast, so I'm not all bad. I'm a bit rushed today, but I I had to update and say I have a bit of incentive for myself now...I have some swanky new Fluevog shoes that are bright orange that I got on Ebay...and I made myself a deal that I get to wear them when I've been good.
And I have been good - so it's an orange day for me - orange shoes and shirt.

And I go. Lots to do.

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