Day 7

4.5 min walk/1.5 min jog 6 times plus 10 minutes brisk walking.

I did it...I did it and I didn't die! Other than the crappy windy weather (which also kept me up most of the night) it actually went very well. I got to wear my swanky new red sweats and the route I took ended up going from the house all the way down to the Mendel Gallery and back for the 46 minutes. Then I stretched out and did some more stretching at work while having some coffee and granola bars. I thought there were water fountains along the way but I suppose not...guess I"ll have to carry my own water if I want it.
I looked it up on mapquest - it was 1.49 miles one way - so I nearly went 3 miles - WOOOOT!

Yay me! If I can do this I am unstoppable...


Trent said...

Two comments:

5 km does not a marathon make.

and this is Canada. It's not 3 miles, it's 4.8 km, which is only a couple hundred metres shy of your goal. So you need to sign up for a real marathon, at 42 km and change. Now that's a real challenge.

Or you could come up here for the annual emperor's challenge half marathon. Only 21 km, but it goes up and over a mountain....

Geosomin said...

Way to suck out the joy there cheer boy.

I just started a week ago. I figured it was a start to try this and THEN maybe do a "real" marathon later. I'll do a half marathon when I can finish a 10K one...which will be a while yet.

And yes - I'm just a bit short of my total goal today - that's the whole point. And I'm making you all do a bit of math in the morning to convert to metric. You're a big boy - I figure you'll handle it...just for all this I *will* come and do a half marathon there some day...after all it's "only" 21 KM