Day 13

Early day today - I had to get up at 5:15 to get all the workout in-blech. IT was a chilly morning - just above zero and my hands were cold, but my allergies seem to be on the wane...makes it easier to exercise when you can breathe! I did the whole workout - I'm very proud...It was beautiful to watch the sun rise over the weir this morning as I ran by. There were geese and pelicans feeding and one goose was aslep with his head tucked under his wing floating down the river. All that beauty is my reward for being good I suppose.

I did do it all though - 4 minutes fast walking plus 2 minutes jogging 7 times plus 10 minutes of fast walking at the end. I went all the way to the university bridge today and around kinsmen park and back...52 minutes plus a minute or twop cool down at the end. The front of my shins are sore today from wearing heels yesterday - I have to get my legs used to girly shoes or give them do women wear them all day? They're only 1 1/2 inch heels on boots...I can't imagine wearing heels all the time.
But then, I'm a wuss.
I need to stretch out more. I suppose I'll have to get up a few minutes earlier to have time to...I don't wanna!
I had some cereal instead.

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