Days 10 & 11: Eliminator to the rescue

DIdn't work out Saturday BUT I went to hear Bassnectar spin friday night, so I danced like a monkey. I figure a few hours of dancing counts for something. I was well stiff on Saturday and took it easy. Made meat buns and did chores and all those sorts of boring things...very mellow day.

Plus with my allergies on overdrive the past few days I feel like my head is a balloon and my lungs - well I sound like a smoker of 40 years with emphysema...not pretty. To try and get some respite I took an "Eliminator" allergy medication for today. Not sure how well it's working so far but my head is a bit clearer and WOW am I hyper...I'm going to go and try my workout for the day and hope I can squeak through it - my lungs are in pretty rough shape. We'll see- I may just have to walk the whole 41 minutes...*sigh*. I refuse to give up though.

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