It's good to have goals

Besides my goal to exercise I have a new goal for this month: take the time to enjoy my food.
Well, last night I was reminded again at the ridiculous speed at which I eat. I spent an hour making some insanely delicious thai carrot burgers and asian slaw and then just inhaled it. Earlier that day I had made french toast...and also I inhaled it. It was delicious, yes, and I had left making food until I was almost ravenous (bad bad), but did I really enjoy it? How much did I really taste it? It was delicious, but I was done my meal about 1/3 of the way through J being done his. We weren't in a hurry or going anywhere. I had a mug of tea to leisurely drink why the rush?

My fast eating has been a reason why I always need to watch my portion control because my "full" switch only flips about 20 minutes after I'm done eating...and I eat fast, so I can really pack it in when I want to. Sometimes, when I'm just cooking for myself I'll steam a massive pile of veggies and just let loose on them. I figure it's better than eating a lot of other things...but my relationship with food is weird. I still have to watch myself. I am, in a way, jealous of people for whom food is only fuel. Yes, they miss out on so much of the enjoyment I get from cooking elaborate meals and or enjoying decadent and delicious things...but if I'm going to inhale them like a hoover I'm not doing myself any favors at all. If I truly enjoy food as much as I do I need to take a step back and really enjoy it. I make a point to eat healthy...but I need to respect the fuel my body is taking in. Meals are rare where I need to eat quickly and get back to things.

Patience paduan.

And so that's my plan for the next while - mindful eating. Enjoying what I eat. This morning I had cottage cheese and peaches and savoured every yummy bite. I made some chai tea with honey and a slice of fresh ginger and sipped it slowly on my walk to work.

It's the little things that make you smile. Especially when they're delicious...

Have a good day y'all.

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