I can haz long weekendz?

I can't wait for today to be done. After work I'm going to visit my Dad at the lake for the weekend. I haven't seen him since christmas and since monday is a holiday here and J will be away most of the weekend on tour doing lights it seemed like a good time to go see him. He's already got a few gatherings with his friends up there planned and it'll be good to just visit and putter around with him in the shop and have some father daughter time. When I visit him by myself I can really visit with him and spend time with him and I'm really looking forward to it. I can leave work a bit early so I'm not driving too late so I can get there at a decent time. May even get in some skidooing if there's enough snow. I plan on a few hikes at least.

Today was WAY too cold to walk to work (about -32 with the wind) so it's a bus day. Boo. According to my new rowbit when I walk to and from work I can get in about 15000 steps in a day. Without it it's closer to 6500 on a busy work day so it really makes a difference. I did my physio exercises today but I don't feel as awake as when I get my walk in. Ah well...winter can't last forever.

I found an audio book of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks to listen to on the way to Dad's. It's the story of the HeLa cell...I've used these cell lines in the lab and it's amazing to think that such a useful thing was collected and used without permission. So many incredible things were discovered with these cells (polio vaccines to mention just one)...but the person they came from was never notified - it's one of the wonders and shames of modern medical research. I've always been curious about the story of it all, so this'll teach me something new and pass the time on my 4 hour car ride to Dad's place. Cuz science rules.

Later taters.

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Yum Yucky said...

Hey Geo. I hope your enjoyed your visit your with your dad! xoxo