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Good morning!
This morning I did my physio and walked to work, listening to an old favourite album. Songs for Dust Mites by Steve Burns. I've been digging out old albums lately to listen to on the walk to work. I can usually get through most of a whole album and since I've subscribed to a few digital streaming music services I don't listen to a lot of my older stuff as much. It's been a nice way to start the day.

I'm sure it's gonna get stupid  cold again before spring, but for now I'll take the -12. It's nice enough that if you're dressed properly and walking briskly you're toasty warm. I love starting my day that way. My watch says it is abotu 5000 steps one way, so hooray. It also seems to think I go up and down a number of stairs on my way too - it is hilly, but I wouldn't say 15 flights hilly. Technology is weird...

My physio involves 10-12 of (with 5Lb or a resistance band):
bicep curls
bent rows
tricep extensions
side arm raises
front arm raises
bent chest fly
laying down bent side knee torso twist stretches
child's pose
ball passes
laying down leg extension and raises (lower abs)
wall corner shoulder press/stretches

It's a lot to do, but I hope it will help. In a few weeks I can do 2 of each set and so on...tuesday and thursday I'm adding some lunges and squats to it just to give my lower body a bit to do. Adding this to the walk to work is just fine I think. Slow progression helps my body learn how to drain lymph fluid from my arm again and gets things working.

I am going to go visit my dad this weekend. I can't wait. J has to work a few days doing shows and monday is a holiday so I can get in a nice visit. Dad can take me to meet all his old friends and I can spend some good father daughter time with him. I'm not one to celebrate valentine's day (other than to make a heart shaped pizza...) so I'll just make my dad a nice supper instead :)

Onwards and upwards. A whole day of data migration. Um...yay?


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Yum Yucky said...

Ooo. I've got to me have me a heart shaped pizza one day. If only once.