There's nothing like fresh baked bread

What a nice weekend.
I thought I dodged the stiffness bullet from my big workout on thursday but I was pretty stiff on saturday...less so sunday and I'm almost normal today.  It's beena a while since I've had that kinda muscle was good to know I'd done something. I had a nice visit with Dad and the party on saturday was a blast. The sculptures I built with J for the event (OK he built them and I helped- they were his brain child) looked great. The music was funky and I danced enough in the wee hours after Dad went to bed to have 17000 steps logged even on sunday when I mostly just made bread and hung out with Dad before taking him to the airport. I couldn't get a good feed of the Oscars last night so I just nibbled on bread and watched a movie - J is still away until late tomorrow night. I miss him.

A friend gave me some sourdough starter on saturday and I made my first loaf ever of sourdough yesterday. It needs tweaking and sourdough without yeast added isn't as puffy as regular bread but it's tasty. Sourdough rye with caraway seeds. MMMmmmmm. I got two small loaves out of it and had some of it toasted with honey for breakfast...yum. I love rye bread and caraway and honey. Nom. I'll try and keep the starter alive for a while and experiment with sourdough crackers and some other sourdough recipes. I think there are lots of other things to try. The microbiologist in me cringes and is fascinated at the same time watching the starter grow...but the results are so tasty :). I've read fermented foods are supposed to help your gut but I don't really know if sourdough would apply, since you bake it and kill all the critters before you eat them. Still not sure if maintaining the sourdough is worth the effort, but I'll try it for a while.

This morning it was chilly (-23 plus a brisk wind) so I didn't walk to work (boo). Instead I did my physio and 20 minutes on my bike before work. I'm heading to my brothers for supper so no walk home...but if it's still this cold after work I won't miss it too much. It is supposed to warm up the rest of the week so hopefully I'll get more walks in this week. Tomorrow I plan to do a leg workout after work at the gym with a run  (or before work depending if I can drag my ass out of bed in time for the 6 am bus). We shall see.

I've been working to keep busy so I don't miss my J too much. But I do. He's had a great time on tour and is on the long 2 day drive back through the mountains from BC starting today so I'll see him soon.

Not soon enough ...


grapecat said...

n's had sourdough starters in the fridge for years now - he still bakes often with them - i'm sure he would be delighted to talk all about it with you! (you poor poor thing!)

azusmom said...

Living in San Francisco, I love me a good sourdough! I think it may be a legal requirement of living here...
Hope you get some quality time with your honey soon!