Monday kinda sucked and yesterday was colder so I only got to walk home, but today was nicer so I could walk to work after doing a bit of work at home. I did 3 rounds of this before I headed out to work:
12 bicel curls (5 Lb)
12 shoulder raises (5 Lb)
12 low rows (resistance band)
12 high rows (resistance band)
10 ball passes (to foot and back to hand)
10 side crunches each side
20 sumo squats

I have a long boring meeting tonight and last night I spent all most of yesterday doing a bunch of errands myself while J covered a shoot for a friend who's wife's mom is in the hospital so they could spend time with her and look after their new baby. It's not looking like her mom is doing well, so it was worth it to help our friends be was just a lot of stuff to do alone tho - car stuff, groceries and picking up and dropping off. Long day. Bleh.

I have physio booked for friday so I'm looking forward to the assessment to see what I can work on to get stronger and less stiff.

Tonight I have a boring meeting after work and I'm hoping it doesn't run too long. I want to go home and veg with J after. We have a pantry full of food. I'm finding work to be really stale and monotonous the last day or so and I'm exhausted...I wanna be done done done son.

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