Jello Legs

I'm taking advantage of J being away this week and using my free evenings to eat a bunch of foods he hates (hello fish and beets and sweet potatoes!!!) as well as do a bunch of errands and things I've been meaning to get to for a while but would rather spend the evening with him than do. Besides running errands for me and for work this includes trying out going back to the gym on campus where I work and using the treadmill for a run after work. It's been nice enough to walk to work lately but it is stupidly icy and I have no desire to break an ankle or something like that trying to run outside and I want to SWEAT a bit. I'm thinking I'm gonna make it a tuesday and thursday thing, either in the morning or after work. It was glorious. I did some solid lower body work and then got my sweat on.

First I did 2 X 15 of:
One legged bulgarian lunges (each side)
Sumo squats (10 Lb)
Box step up forward (both sides)
Box step up to the side (both sides)
Deadlifts (25 Lb)

Then 2 X 20 of:
Inner leg lift (both sides)
Outer leg lift (both sides)
Kneeling back kick butt lift (both sides)
Scissor kicks

Then I (yay!) hopped on the treadmill for a starter run. I ran 2.5 minutes and walked 2.5 minutes for 28 minutes. I had a hot bath before bed so I'm not too stiff today. It felt so good to get my heart rate up and sweat again. I forgot how much I missed it. My legs were feeling jiggly by the end of it all.

This morning I did my upper body physio and walked to work and I feel amazing. It's gonna be a great weekend.  I get to babysit for little Xander tonight so Heather and her hubbie can go out on a much needed date. Yay for baby cuddles :) And my dad is coming to visit before his flight down to Arizona for a month stay and there's a big techno warehouse party on saturday so it's gonna be a fun filled weekend.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I plan to :)

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grapecat said...

ha ha i love the postcard! I have many runs like that :) Enjoy!!