Ah. I had a great weekend visiting Dad. The weather was foul and cold so there was a lot of eating, visiting and drinking wine. Relaxing...not too good for my butt, but great for everything else. Dad really appreciated the visit so I'm glad I went. When I got home I made a heart shaped pizza. MMmmm.

This week has been busy busy for both me and J. Last night I was called into work at 3 am for something so I'm relying on coffee to get through...another hours and I can go home and relax. J is busy all week and away on the weekend. I'm just gonna work hard to get through to the weekend and veg out at home with a good book.

I am trying to be healthier and walk to work this week. So far so good.

Gotta go adult for a bit. Back later...


Yum Yucky said...

Oh my. A 3am call into work? Are you delivering babies now?

azusmom said...