Hibernation 101

I had a lovely weekend hibernating with J. There was much wine and bubble baths and reading and relaxing. I have been enjoying my moka pot -- I picked up some delicious decaf espresso ground french roast and I can make my own americanos at home now. It's glorious. Wish I'd gotten one of these eons ago...good decaf is hard to find. It's a cheap one from Ikea  so I don't know how long it will last, but I wanted to try it out. Mmmm. So good.

This week I am starting to rebuild my strength. Besides walking the 4.5 K to work (it's still only -10!!) I took the time to do 3 reps of the following this morning:

12 bicel curls (5 Lb)
12 shoulder raises (5 Lb)
12 low rows (resistance band)
12 high rows (resistance band)
10 ball passes (to foot and back to hand)
10 crunches

It's a good start. Tomorrow I'll try some leg stuff and rotate back anf forth for about a month before I jump into a more hard core workout. I'd like to get up to more again. If I can get the elliptical free I'll do that as well. I'm curious to try some aquafit classes at the civic centre near my house too. They're thursday evening, so maybe I'll get into that in a few weeks. It'll be fun to do something different - I love water fitness classes - you don't get hot and it'll be easy on my body for a starting back workout. Plus usually it's with a lot of seniors too so I feel like I can do it. :) When it's too cold to walk in february (which will happen...boo..) I may bus in to the gym again in the mornings for a while to use the treadmill here. We'll see. I find the bike very boring, so I can do it, but it's not as exciting as other stuff. I've been itching to run and want to get a new chest strap for my heart rate watch and get my blood pumping. The walking feels so good.

I have declared February to be the month of sewing. I have some arm warmers on the needles and some fabric to sew something cute for Xander so I will spend my frosty days making things and drinking good decaf. *grin*

I'm proud of my home town - we just got into the Guinness Book of World Record yesterday for the largest snowball fight.  8200 people throwing snowballs. So many people came that they ran out of official wristbands to give people at 8200...so likely there was more people than that. Cuz that's how we roll here.  I had plans to go but I fell asleep reading in my chair and missed it. Oops. My nieces were there and they had a blast. Winter? We got it covered!

Anyhoooooo...I should be off. Much to do. Have a wonderful day peoples.

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solarity said...

I'm sorry you missed the snowball fight! it sounds like such fun. (And a good workout, too.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky