Yesterday was fun. Despite being tired my best friend came by to cheer me up and get me out for a bit and we drove a ways to a cool wig shop in another city...and in the end I bought a few wigs. And you know I really hadn't realized how nice it would be to have the option to look into the mirror and see regular old me looking back. Most days I don't mind. Really...but some days...well...I feel a bit like this:
Rapunzel by Dina Goldstein (Fallen Princesses)
It was nice to get out and be a bit normal and wander a bit and try on all manner of rediculous hair (I am definitely *not* meant to be a curly strawberry blonde!!) but I think we pushed it, cuz today... I am just pooped. Just utterly exhausted. So.... I will rest and nap in my new PJs and eat my FILs delicious soup.
Hope you are all warm and toasty where ever you all are. Happy thanksgiving to all my american friends. There much to be grateful for.
And pie.
Don't you dare forget the pie :)

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Yum Yucky said...

sending you virtual ((hugs)) from Delaware, USA! xo!