Well I didn't see that coming - a new journey is afoot

Hello there you fine peoples.
I've been away much lately. Sorry. But really...I've had my reasons. I figured now that I've had some time to roll them about in my head and come to terms with them I'll lay them out here too...I have come to a new point in my life where my focus is still on my health and well being but for a radical new (slightly scary) reason. Grab a suitably fluffy cute animal and a drink and settle in and I'll tell you all about it...

You may have noticed that the last few months I've been getting many medical tests done. Why? Well - beginning of september J and I found a lump in my breast. Having done my MSc on breast cancer research I knew the thing to do was to get it tested but wasn't too concerned, since my mum and sis both had "normal" lumpy breasts so I figured I was joining the normal lumpy crew of many women out there who have fibrous breasts with nothing to worry about health wise. But I know Rule #1 - if you find a lump check it. No matter what.
After my mammogram which was suspicious I was sent on for other tests...biopsies, CT scans, MRI and bone scans...and just over a week ago I had it confirmed to me that I do, without a doubt, have breast cancer. There are two small lumps in my right breast. Shocking yes to know, but I am so very grateful despite it all to report it is stage 2 breast cancer - treatable. There are a few positive lymph nodes but the rest of my body appears squeaky clean...this kinda thing with the treatment I'm being given has a 90% cure rate.  So bring it.
I've been a bit silent lately as I tried to keep up with my workouts and stay healthy going into all this because I firmly believe that (gulp) despite having cancer, in the words of some of my pathologist friends I have one of the better types to have because we caught it in time. I can be treated and cured. I am young and healthy and going into this in great health with all that brings with me to fight this and kick it's azz. I have a great job with benefits that will let me take all the time I need to heal and great friends and family supporting me. So many other people I see in the cancer centre are not starting out with such a bounty of health, knowledge and kindness and I am blessed. Truly.

Starting this past friday morning I began down my treatment journey. After a prior meeting with my oncologist (on my birthday no less :/ )  where we went through what would be best we formed a battle plan. I started in on chemotherapy first to ensure my body stays clean and possibly shrink the tumors a bit. This means IVs of things every 3 weeks for the next 6 months...3 months of a combination of 3 drugs and then 3 months of 2 others...then I will have surgery and radiation in the spring and hormone therapy after it all heals up in to ensure this beast doesn't come back. Friday morning, with J at my side I had my first chemo treatment and I am glad to report that although I don't feel like a rose, I am tired and queasy but still kicking. I know as treatments progress it will get tougher but I am determined that this path I've been given must be lived to the fullest with all it's ups and downs...
And so my new goal here on this page in my life is to learn all I can and work to compliment my treatments with exercise. I've been told by my docs to try and keep with my fitness as I can because even though it is good to maintain my health it will also be very helpful at helping me deal with the treatments. Right now I'm just 1 treatment in and I'm glad to say that after 5 days, today I could do a bit of some upper body weight work and have been able to get out on walks with J whenever I get a boost of energy. I plan to buy a bike for home and hop on it here and there when I get a burst of energy and just work on keeping moving when I can, rest when I need to and concentrate on feeding my body with healthy whole foods. Fruit smoothies and homemade soups and breads have kept me going the last few days and now that my nausea is fading I will keep feeding myself foods that will fuel my body and keep me healthy.

SO yeah...that's where I'm at. I don't want this to define my life, but yet it changes everything is some little way, so I plan to take this on in my own way. My soon to be shiny head and I will be embarking on a whole new healthy journey and it's scary as hell but I know I can do it.
Here's to life and all it's craziness. Here we go :)


MizCarla said...

you know me.
Im here if there is ANYTHING I CAN DO.
and if there isnt?
meh :-) email me anyway...


JavaChick said...

Sorry to hear you are going through this, but so impressed by your positive attitude. Sending positive thoughts your way!

Valerie said...

I truly and firmly believe that the mind is the greatest healing tool in our arsenal. Your resolve and commitment to this journey, your positive outlook, is a beautiful thing to witness, and I think it will be a great asset to you in this process.

That said, I am sure there will be days where that is harder to maintain, and I hope that you'll feel able to share that with those who love you as well, so that they can lift and support you and make it easier for you to get back to your kick-azz approach.

So while I'm sorry that you're faced with this, I am so optimistic for you. I'll be cheering you on and sending much love your way!

Yum Yucky said...

I've typed stuff into this comment box and deleted at least 3 times already. Not sure that anything I can type here will truly express how sorry I am to hear this news. I'm here in your corner. I will be praying. Yes, that's a cliche statement, but I WILL BE PRAYING! Very glad to hear about the cure rate. Valerie's comment is right that a lot it is mental/mind when it comes to healing. You may know about it already, but please look into keep your body alkaline (opposed to acidic), as cancer thrives in an acidic environment. I read a lot of stuff about high cure rates with akaline foods. Also...is cannibis oil obtainable in Canada? Please look into it. Sending big ((hugs)) your away. XO.

azusmom said...

More hugs, prayers, love, and light being sent your way!
If it helps, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. Today she is completely cancer-free, plays tennis 3 days a week,teaches a full course load at Boston University, and has just published a new book.
There is light and life at the end of this tunnel, and you ARE going to kick cancer's azz!
Please drop me a message on my blog if you need ANYTHING.

the Bag Lady said...

Sheesh - I turn my back for a minute (well, okay, almost the entire year) and this is what I find when I get back? I love your attitude, and I know you will be blindingly gorgeous regardless of whether or not you have hair! My sister went on this journey, and I traveled back and forth to Edmonton to be with her for most of it. When her hair started to fall out, I shaved her head for her. If you want your head shaved, I'm your gal! ('cause really, I only nicked her scalp a couple of times, and now I have more experience!)
In all seriousness, please know that you are not alone on this journey.
Sending you warm hugs from the frozen north!