Chillin wif my furry peeps

Just settling for a post chemo week of recovery and feeling tired, but ok. J is back at work today but I hope he can come home at lunch for a bit :). My good friend Heather may pop by for tea too. We shall see. I have been noshing on my fave Bolthouse smoothies as breakfasts and some amazing homemade chicken soup from my FIL (the man knows his soup!) and getting by the last few days. 

I am itching to get my stitches out from my port next monday so I can get the ok to exercise my arms and sweat a bit and try out the new exercise bike we picked up before my last chemo. J assembled it yesterday and we found a home for it in our newly floored living room and I am most excited and giggly about it. Last week at Canadian Tire the high end Livestrong spin bikes with hrm that are usually around $1900 were on for 65% off, which my job's incredible health and wellness plan should reimburse me for the rest of in a few weeks so I have an awesome tool to keep me healthy. I could not be more pleased. :)

And a gratuitous shot of the front door tiles...cuz I'm proud of our work!

J helped me pull out and set up the christmas tree so I can slowly decorate it this week as I get some energy back. I love christmas decorations :) Today I am just going to take it easy and rest with a good book...and ok probably start on the tree, who am I trying to kid! My white blood cell counts are lower so I need to rest up and stay away from sickly peoples and let my body recover. My old bff who is a fabulous knitter sent me a few gorgeous hats in a care package from the UK where she lives and it's like she popped by for tea. I am feeling most loved. :)

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Yum Yucky said...

I'm giggly because I imagined you on the bike and the bolts weren't tight and the whole thing fell apart and you slid your booty on the new tiles right out the front door. You know, like some cartoon skit. hahaha! (sorry girl). I know yo' man J is more thorough than that. Strong man = Tight bolts. Please slap for me that sinister cartoon-scenario. hehehe

solarity said...

Gorgeous bike! Gorgeous floor! Enjoy!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

azusmom said...

Nice bike! And the floor looks fab. :)
Rest up, drink tea, and enjoy the decorations!