So far so good

I needed a bit of colour around here. Spruced up the place a bit. I like. :)

I am happy to say that I did not nap yesterday! Wohoo!
It was a long tiring day, but it was nice to be at work and feel useful.
I got home on a sunny snowfilled day to find my Dad 1/3 done the house looks amazing...I cannot thank my Dad enough for what he has done. I will post some pics when it's completed. It's like a new uberhouse...a bit more echoey...and a LOT more my styley. Also had a good visit last night from my bestie. A long but good day. :)

Today I tried a cup of decaf for the first time since chemo. I've been putting it off because I do love me my coffee and I was so worried it would taste wrong...but I am glad to say the metallic taste that lingers in my mouth from chemo doesn't mess with the golden goodness of java. Thank frog. I am also happy to report that although most chocolate now tastes like putrified earwax, white chocolate is somehow still OK, although ginger is still right out sadly.

Tonight I will try my hand at grouting some tile when I get home so we can use our front door again and if we can get out stove back in the kitchen I can make supper for Dad. We've been taking him out for supper as thanks for all the work he's been doing. He really has been working so hard...laying laminate when you're 72 is no easy feat. I want to make him his favourite supper tonight if I can.

I should dash. I have annual inspections today so I need to go make sure the labs are tip top ship shape.
Later taters.

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azusmom said...

Like the new style!
I'm glad you can have your java. :)