Good morning. I'm feeling pretty good today. Not queasy at all...just very tired. Definitely a good thing.

This is what I had for breakfast...and man. SO good.
I threw in some kale too and a tsp of honey too. I love beets...and this is definitely a healthy awesome smoothie of a breakfast for me. And makes a LOT. And I loved it. I've slugged it down over the morning and enjoyed every bit. My taste buds are starting to go all odd with the chemo so I am hunting down super healthy things I still love the taste of that I can an make even when I feel lousy and this is definitely a breakfast of champions for me. Soups I get bored of, but smoothies are an endless possibility of combinations...
Sure it's pink (I hate pink...and oh, I could rant for hours about the irony of having the "pink" cancer...) but try it. :)
Today I plan to visit a bit with my sister in law when she stops in and try again at knitting myself a hat. The last hat I knit fit my 5 year old niece perfectly...he yeah. I need some practice!
Hope you all have a wonderful day. :)


Yum Yucky said…
I tried beets once in the smoothie. Too earthy, but tipsters told me to next time peel the beet first. Do you peel?
Geosomin said…
I peeled it and roasted it first. The roasting sweetens it up a bit
crabby said…
Oh crap, I am so out of touch! That's what I get for just randomly popping in only every now and then to even my favorite blogs, somehow I totally missed the whole cancer thing!

You are such a strong, thoughtful, determined and creative person, I'm sure you'll make good use of all these qualities as you kick cancer's ass, but sheesh, sorry to hear you're dealing with this!

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