Last night we took Dad out for chinese food to say thanks for all his hard work and I had a lot of yummy jasmine tea with my meal...and then couldn't sleep until 1 AM! I forget that I'm caffeine free now and really feel a difference when I have even a bit of it. I was all pumped up and couldn't sleep eat the end of a long day so I'm a bit tired today as a result. I didn't get to the tile grouting last night...we just relaxed and visited. We did still get our kitchen all back together like it should be though.
Dad should finish the floor today and we'll be going to Rona for the last of the finishing stuff tonight - baseboards and the like. Dad's also offered to replace our really leaky bathroom faucet. What a guy...It's been so good to see him this week and so amazing to have my home transformed like it has been. It's really remarkable how nice the laminate looks!
Next week I'm going to get up early and go in to work out again when I can. I can tell I'm losing muscle tone in my arms and shirts fit a bit different and people have commented that I look thinner. I have lost a few pounds just from not eating a lot last week so I'm trying to eat well, but really feel the need to get some workouts in too. This morning I had a checkup so I had to be in early so with the lack of sleep I didn't get in any exercise, but I know I can try to be active when I can...maybe bust out a few squats or pushups in the office? :) We'll see.
Have a nice weekend everyone. Today is was my mum's birthday so I've been thinking of her a lot today. I wish we could have birthday tea and sit and chat. I plan to have a wonderful day and toast her memory with my Dad tonight. It's my last normal weekend before my next chemo so I hope to get out and about and enjoy myself as much as I can. :)
Later taters...

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