We have normality

Well, my Dad headed back home yesterday morning. It was so nice to see him, but it's nice to have our house back to just us. J and I spent the day cleaning the fine layer of sawdust on everything and returning the remaining furniture back to a "normal" state on the main floor. Our house is now a home again, only uberfied, clean and slightly more echoey.
I love it.
The new floor is amazing...
We spent the rest of the day organizing and cleaning. Having this work done has been a real kick in the butt to organize things a bit and really sort through things as we put things back and reorganize other areas in the house. Since I'm feeling pretty good right now I can help J (who is the organized one of the pair of us...I more of the make a bunch of hidden piles sort of gal). It's starting to come together and I must say it's going to be so nice to be home in a clean, allergen reduced house when I have my next chemo treatment on friday. Instead of looking around at all the things that need done I will be able to just rest and recover.
One peeve I do have is that I noticed when we were moving things around in the house yesterday that I really am not as strong as I used to be and so I'm going to set myself up a workout area and try and do some workouts this week. I don't like feeling weak. I mean yes...I have a good reason, but I also have no reason to not make more of an effort when I can. I shovelled some snow this morning as my morning "workout"...it's something.
Jay and I had an evening together which was nice. After a week of house upside down with renos and craziness it was nice to sit in our "new" house. I still have my hair in this chilly weather so far to keep my head warm...although it's really thinning- I can pull it out without really trying, so it's not long on my noggan. I'm humming and hawing...tonight I may just head to a salon and have my head shaved and be done with it. The waiting is killing me. Just wish it wasn't -20 out...glad I have a bunch of hats to keep my brain warm! :)


Crabby McSlacker said...

I sort of forgot what hair is actually FOR and I'm so sorry you're having to deal with losing it when it's so cold. Glad you have lots of hats at least!

I bet you'll rock the shaved look, but I can see why you might be putting it off.

Yum Yucky said...

Oooo. Love the new blog layout. Deciding to shave head is an act of being in control. I vote for that.

solarity said...

When I was modeling for life drawing classes, one very cold morning one of the students came in with her head shaved (she'd done it as part of one of her friend's performance art thesis) and we all blamed her for the weather. Perhaps you should wait just a little bit.