I'm back baby

Today I am trying my hand at being back at work. I am still tired a lot, but have more energy than previously so I figured since I was actually feeling like working I'd give it a go.
J and I are going to pick out an exercise bike on the weekend so I can get back to workouts. Other than some walks and helping my Dad a bit as he does some renos to our house I have been taking it easy. Dad offered to replace our 30 year old carpet with some laminate and put some lino in our kitchen so that my immune system and allergies will be better during treatments. Poor guy...Dont' think he realised what he was getting into. The lino and tile by the front door are done and look amazing and the next few days he's going to putter away at the flooring. I am so grateful to have a handy dad who can help use with this stuff. It is so much cheaper when you're just buying materials...and watching him I've learned how to install tiles and lay lino down which is a cool thing.

I am determined to make it through today without taking a desk nap - we shall see. I have to be germophobic and do my best to rest when I need to but I'm hoping for a bit of normality for the next week and a half until my next treatment. I still have my hair, but likely not for much longer, so we will see just how that goes.

For now...it's off the to world of science for a while to see what everyone has been up to the last while.

Later taters


Yum Yucky said...

The awesome tone of your posts hasn't changed. I like that. You are still Ms. Geo, doing your thang.

azusmom said...

What Yum Yucky said!
You're dad is the best. :)

solarity said...

Yay, Dad! Die, carpet, die!
Yay, Geo! Do not overdo, but do what you can. I have not been through chemo, but I've spent a lot of time on the phone with friends who were.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Me :-) said...

did my comment work?

Geosomin said...