Goo goo gachooo

I am the eggman.
Last night after having my port installed in my arm (owie) for my chemo IV treatments J and I ran a few errands and then I popped by the place where we get our hair cut and told them to shave my head (they didn't even charge me - so nice of them).  I was tired of it coming out slowly and shedding all over everything and wanted to have it done by someone so I wouldn't have to clean up the mess!
So I am now bald...and it actually looks kind of badass :)  Luckily I look OK with no head is nice and roundy and smooth. There was an old lady getting a perm beside me in the salon and she kept glancing over looking at me wondering what on earth I was was funny. I noticed in the mall too how it's odd how kids and happy people are honest in their looking at your head and smiling and then just moving on and looking away while the odd person is genuinely uncomfortable by the fact that you have no hair and keeps looking back over and over while trying not to be obvious. It's funny (sure it will get annoying after a while)...made me want to stick my tongue out at them just to see their reaction!! The last tweedles will come out soon - I just wanted to deal with it on my terms and I'm glad I did. J is fine with it and so am I so the rest of the world can just learn to cope too.
I must say -it is so very cold and odd to feel the breeze on my head though. I feel like a devon rex cat when you rub my head!! Soon it will smooth out and be less fuzzy. Thankfully I have many lovely hats, so I'm good to go right now and will keep warm. I ordered some head scarves as well that should be here any day so I will have plenty to keep my head warm. I don't mind walking about without a's just chilly!
Today I must nurse my sore arm (can't take painkillers for it. Boo) and get caught up on some lab work.  I can't do any upperbody lifting or work until I get my stitches out in a few weeks so I'm going to just concentrate on walking and hopefully using an exercise bike if we can find one this week. I need to reign myself in a bit - now that my appetite is back and I feel better I'm eating more than I probably need to.  But...I must be off. My lab awaits.
Later taters :)


MIZ said...

checking on you. hoping your brain is less chilly today.


solarity said...

Unfortunate to lose the hair just as winter is getting revved up. Along with Miz, I hope your brain is keeping warm!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

azusmom said...

Bet you're rockin' the bald look!
The lookie-loos are just jealous.
Stay warm. <3

Yum Yucky said...

You izz one Badass Baldie. I'm sure of it.