Back with a vengeance

Happy boot camp lady was back to kick my ass today! So tough. So good. I feel great, but all those curtsey lunges and tabatas? Owie :)
Last night was an odd night of errands and I got a bit of work done and we have some more healthy food to keep us going. I added clarifiers to my mead and it's still cloudy, so I'm hoping it settles out soon...I have to bottle it before we go to the UK and it has 5 days to settle...I am impatient! What if it doesn't clear? That, my good peeps, would suck.

Tonight I am hoping to get some serious thesis editing done. I've been picking away at chores here and there (laundry, home disaster abatement cleaning...) to try and make the house less of a gong show...we shall see. We still need to get rain pants and a backpack liner for hiking...and a wedding card might be nice too. And bottle my mead. And finish my thesis... Plus my mum in law had a bright idea of getting together for a family thing this weekend too for her and my niece's birthday (sigh) so I have to figure that out too if we can go...and I guess get gifts for that too. GAH. There is just TOO MUCH to do in the next week...I will sleep like the dead once we get on the plane!
I need a holiday before my holiday!

Right now I must I can focus on my thesis and trying to get ready to travel to see the ever lovely Grapecat marry her partner next weekend. Must be good and work my ass off...for soon there will be much rejoicing over many good things.

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