jumping back into life

This morning? Lame. Last night I spent all evening on my thesis and then went to bed at 10, despite wanting to crash early...and slept all night again until 6. Hopefully I will come out of the fog soon. I just could not get out of bed at 530 today to make my early bus. I did, however, go downstairs and do sets of bicycle crunches, v-sits, a few planks and some pushups, lunges and squats this morning and when I get home I will do my best to bang out a ZWOW before I dive into my thesis work again. I just feel perpetually tired and mopey about how much work I have remaining. After 10 blissful days with my husband it sucked royally to have to hole myself up again and work on my computer...I don't like it.
We have been eating better. It's amazing how I am actually craving sugar and carbs right now...I usually love carby foods, but sugars are not my usual thing. Welcome PMS to my crazy life!
I made a loaf of carrot poppyseed rye bread that has been a healthy carb replacement...am weaning myself back on that. It's not that I need to eat low carb or anything - I've just discovered that in order to be full and satisfied I need protein. I could eat a giant plate of pasta or a whole loaf of bread and be hungry right away, but if I balance healthier carbs with protein I am much more level in my hunger and my moods. I am trying to do that and just keep working. Just keep working...

stupid thesis.

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azusmom said...

NOT lame! You're still recovering! I find it takes me at least a week.