If you feeling warm I'll tax your heat


Today I came in to workout and they've changed things a bit in the new summer schedule...I think I'll live. Tuesday and thursday are by the other spin instructor I like a lot, with thursday being a spin and sculpt. And - cool beans - the boot camp is back wednesday mornings with the awesomely crazy boot camp lady who had left but for whatever reason is now back! Yeah :) That means I only have to figure out a few Bodyrock/ZWOW workouts for myself on monday and friday for a week of great workouts. Of course (meep!) we'll be away for a few weeks in there, but hey...I'm glad to know the new fitness schedule isn't just all spin...nothing against spin, but I like mixing it up, and I really liked the boot camp class...I'm glad it's back.

Today is another day - got my taxes done last night and posted with 15 minutes to spare (he heh). Once again my employer was unable to do basic math so I owe close to $500 in taxes. Grrr. Every year I owe. How you can be out by that much even when you have extra taken off I do not know...but it's done and in and over with for another year. To be honest I expected to owe a bit because of school, but to be out that much is very annoying. The icing on the cake is how this year I can't claim my tuition or educational amounts because I got a bursary AND I get to pay taxes on my bursary too. THAT is lame...I don't see the incentive in getting a scholarship really, but I am glad that I got mine. It made school a little more bearable. Ish. I miss the giant undergrad tax returns...*sniff*

Anyways...enough about taxes. Tonight is errands and trying to get a bit of thesis done. I racked off my mead last night and sucked up some sediment (grr) so it's a bit cloudier, but added the first part of the clarifier. I have to add the other clarifier compound tonight and I hope that in the next 5 days it clears up nicely (it's supposed to take 5-7 days). If I take a bottle or two with us for K & N  I HAVE to bottle my mead sunday, regardless...so here's hoping. I'll be sure to NOT suck up dregs when I bottle. I got stingy and didn't want to waste any and I learned my lesson. I forgot that that is the way it is...you lose a bit when you rack it.
Well, I must dash. I hope you all are having a good day!

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