-We are home safe and sound. Jetlag always dings me on the way back...I still feel rather groggy and listless after a day of sleep...hoping it will fade quickly. With a few days I'll put up some favourite pics form the trip. My friends are happily married, and she and I managed a bit of our own My Drunk Kitchen baking up her scrummy wedding cakes the night before...J and I went to what must be one of the most gorgeous places on earth - Arran Isle in Scotland. Hiked for 3 long glorious days...and climbed to the top of a mountain on one of them, scrambling across a whole ridge on one day before heading down to walk along the burns with the sheep and see the ocean. Weather wasn't perfect but we had rain gear and it was great for walking...we hiked through meadows, over rivers, up and down hills, and along beaches and rocky coastlines - Blissful.

 While away, we walked much and indulged in all delicious things...I admit we didn't make a point of overdoing it, but we did try to sample every new thing I could, often with delicious consequences. And with our friends being foodies, there was much opportunity to's just a few of the best food highlights:
-had a number of delicious haggis and black puddings on the island (seriously...they were really good)
-14 year old Arran Isle scotch (mmm...smooth)
-raspberry sorbet infused with pop rocks and served with shortbread and creme brulee. (I will remember *that* forever)
-oh the cheeses!
-full on B&B fry up breakfasts (mmm...)
-Kar's homemade elderflower wine -heavenly.
-haggis tortellini with whisky cream pepper sauce
-Peter's Well bitter (best beer ever. ever.)
-The scrummy lemon coconut wedding cake Kar and I whipped up for her reception in her kitchen. Yum...considering our state when we made it it turned out rather delish I must say!
-cheese and onion sandwiches. I admit I have never had them before. Maybe it was the high altitude but we had some in our nice packed lunch the B&B made for us when we went up the mountain (I CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN!!!!) ...delicious and simple...

We walked. We laughed. We hiked. We had much ale and wine and sampled delicious was  awesome. We even got to visit with some old friends in Toronto on our stopover on the way home.
Seems strange to be home.  Seems strange to be back in same old work after all that. Didn't think about my thesis (*sigh*) at was lovely.

This AM I slept in and now it's trying to get back into things and catch up on what I missed. Hopefully I'll get a few pics up soon. For now...a bit of the old coffee and a few toothpicks and here we go for the day :)

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Sounds wonderful!
Welcome home.