Pining for the fyords

After a long night of thesis revisions I came in this AM for spin class. It was hard and sweaty. Very good for me. Most annoyingly, my left quad/knee (which is the good one) is still being a twingy thing. My first day back when I did some squats at home it felt funny and has been that way ever since. If I use proper form it is fine, but when I just sit it is a bit achy...I think it's my quad more than the actual knee, but nevertheless, but I will try and be nice to it for a bit. I signed up for a 5K fun run next weekend and I want to actually do easy does it cupcake. I'll stick to upper body and the recumbent for a few days and see if it recovers.
I discovered today that 4 of the 6 Lb I gained on my pleasure piggy holidays are already gone, so hooray for that. A week of clean eating and moderate exercise has helped a lot...I don't realise how bloated you get form salty unhealthy food and lots of beer until I cut back and realise how much I lean up and feel better. Yes...turns out eating well is really actually good for you! :)

I've been looking through holiday hiking photos...oh, how I wish we were back there again :) It was so beautiful.

*sigh* I must be off. Science awaits!

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Looks like a lovely hike!

And I too have begun to try to correct some "pleasure piggy holiday" eating behaviors that were FUN but not exactly sustainable. Congrats on 4/6 that's awesome!

Note: one of your captcha words was "empirical" which seems quite fitting!