reality check

More jet lag this AM.  I crashed last night at 9 after work and then having meetings all night and didn't wake until 6. I will workout when I get home tonight, even for a little bit, as I just could not get moving today. Jet lag is really hitting me this time for whatever reason...bleh. Just feel like I'm on medication or something...very groggy.
Stepped on the scale this morning to see I've munched on 5 lbs on holidays...*sigh*. I constantly battle the "just a little" effect while on holidays. Especially with new foods and wines all around. It was all a fun experience and I knew I couldn't do irreversible damage in 2 weeks...but J and I have decided that we must learn the art of sharing things next time. Keep it together a bit more. I don't really look any different...I just don't feel myself, you know? I'm hoping some healthy foods and regular fitness will help. We walked a lot and did a lot while away (~20-25 Km walking a day, plus, you know, climbing a 3000ft mountain and all) so it's not like we didn't stay active while away, but it certainly wasn't permission to have at the beer gardens like that. :)

I am glad, though, that I know that I will bring myself back. I can be healthy and look after myself and things will fall back into place and I will get back to where I was. That is the key I think - vigilance. Routine. Everyone has a drift here and there, but the key is to bring it back to where you know it should be. I'm in this for the long haul, and call me crazy and perhaps self sabotaging, but I refuse to deny myself experiences in life when they come my way. This is one long life I'm in the running for, not just a short while, so it's up to me to get J and I back on the healthy track again and back to regular life again. So, I will do so.
Uberfrau is here under all the debris, jet lag and all :)


azusmom said...

Ugh, jet lag always seems worse from west to east!
You'll be back in the saddle (literally, if you go to Spin class) before you know it.

azusmom said...

Sorry, I meant east to west.
Geez, and I'm not even jet lagged!

Yum Yucky said...

please don't just the words "jet" and "crashed" in back to back sentences. I thought you were blogging from the heavenly realm or something. I feel jet lagged, too. Or should I call it "child-lagged"? Or maybe work-lagged? It's some kinda damn lag because I feel like crap.