Back in the saddle...thingy

I think I've finally kicked the jet lag. Yesterday I felt normal and didn't have to drag my butt around and got some thesis work done as well. After a good night's sleep I got up at 5:30 as normal today and felt fine.
My workout however?'s amazing what 2 1/2 weeks off will do to you! I feel so...slow. I did ZWOW 18 this morning at home and it was HARD. It took me about 40 minutes to do, as I had to keep stopping for breaks. That was longer than I thought, but I was determined to do all 5 sets through and I did. I probably could have pushed myself a bit harder, but today I am just proud of myself for getting up and doing it. I know it was really the best thing for me this morning. I feel really good (now that it's done!) and I can feel odd stiffness in my quads and shoulders...I did it :)
This weekend will be much thesis revision work- I have to hack my data section in half and revise a few figures. I also have to mow our yard and do some weeding -it rained a lot while we were away and has continued up until today and it looks like a jungle out there. I also need to clear out the back deck and get it ready for summer, which means pulling it all out and pressure washing everything, mopping the floor and then putting it all back. My sister, niece, nephew and his wife and little one are surprise visiting my dad for 10 days next week and will be staying with us next friday and saturday night. My Dad will be down as well, but will likely stay at my brother's place. It will be a bit of a PITA with food because we have to find gluten free dairy free options for my sis-in-law (we were just going to order in pizza, but apparently she thinks it is *rude* for us all to eat that when she can't...sigh) but we'll figure something out I'm sure. I am hoping she can bring over a GF crust and we can make her her own mini pizza with soy cheese. We'll figure something out. The goal was to keep it simple and visit...

I can't wait to see them but oh my god my house is a disaster. I'm not being girly or dramatic - it really is. I know they don't really care but I seriously need to spend pretty much all Sunday hard core on yard, deck and house so that they have clean places to sleep and I'm not utterly embarrassed to have them in. I am psyching myself up for a busy busy next few days. Now that I seem to be jetlag and PMS free it seems less daunting. I know Jay can help with some of it thankfully.

Well, it would appear my good peeps that the holidays are indeed over. It is *on* again.

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