Jump up-jump around!

Oops! Missed yesterday. It was spin and sculpt class...to christmas music. It was really strange. I can honestly say I've never done triceps extensions to Boney M before :) Our instructor is doing the remaining 3 classes to christmas tunes too...it's fun to have a little change. Don't know if I'd want it every day but it'll do :).

It's been the week of weird workout music this week. Today the CD player/iPod jack was not working for boot camp so she used the "emergency backup cassette" - entitled 1993 Aquasize Dance Mix. Oh yeah! It was as good as it sounds. We were cranking out the sweat to the likes of C&C music factory, the KLF and Ton Loc. I kept breaking out in giggles every time a new tune came on. I'm sad to say I knew them all..It was high school flashback time :) Made for lots of fun for me...not sure what everyone else thought of it but it made my morning.

I managed to watch White Christmas last night...I had plans to do some work, but I popped in to visit my sis-in-law in the hospital yesterday and ended up staying until my brother came...and then caught a ride home with him. I'm glad her surgery went well on monday- she's a big lady with sleep apnea so thankfully they only gave her a spinal and did the hysterectomy that way. She's doing really well...I was worried about how the anaesthetic would affect her. She may even get to go home today. When I finally got home around 8 I made some rice, carrots and corn and hard boiled eggs (weird combo I know but it was what I was craving...) and then sat down to find White Christmas is on. I *LOVE* that movie. I swear if I ever do anything live again with my voice it will likely be "Love you didn't do right by me" from that film...I ended up watching the whole thing and then falling asleep on the couch with a cat on my lap. I can't even tell you the last time I did that. I really should have gotten some work done but I feel all the better for it. I'm beginning to think I've forgotten how to relax and may have an allergic reaction to boredom. We shall see... :)


azusmom said...

Classic movie+cat nap (literally)= BLISS!!!!!

Charlotte said...

I HEART WHITE CHRISTMAS!! And you are a singer? How did I not know this?! I think you should do the song and post a vid!