Last night sucked.
Had a miserable evening and ended up going to get groceries by myself, and then unloaded them alone and put them all away. Earlier I had went to eat something and it was too hot and I instinctively swallowed the boiling hot food and it burned all the way down...and then I couldn't eat anymore because it hurt.
So I in the end, necessary duties done, I gave up and went to bed.
This AM I got up and came in for bootcamp and had my ass handed to me on a plate. It was hard core. I used the time to get my frustrations with life and J and everything out and it felt good. We did lots of tabata intervals this morning involving the Bosu ball...I need to work on my balance more. I've never used one before and after lunges and weights and pushups and all sorts of fun things done really fast on the it I see why it's a good fitness forces you to use your core and builds balance. Now I'm in to work for the day and I seem to be able to swallow food still hurts a bit but at least I can eat again, which is good 'cause I was ravenous by the time breakfast came around.
Today is christmas lunch out with the work crew...and perhaps after work, rather than going home to an empty house, since J works tonight, I may head out and try and grab some christmas gifts for my little nieces to get that out of the way while I have the time. I loathe christmas shopping when there are grumpy pushy crowds and try and fit it in when it's less crazy. I really should go home and work on my thesis but I'm feeling rather down with life and get the feeling I'd just stare at the screen or go turn the christmas tree on and mope in front of it. Perhaps the stores won't be too mad on a wednesday. Perhaps my husband won't be too mad on a wednesday.

We shall see.
We shall see.

Hope you all have a good day out there. I know I will try to.