last boot camp

Today was boot camp again - last of the year. Crazy tabatas of squats and But, as you can tell, I survived. It helps that there is a VERY pregnant lady in my class...whenever I wanted to stop I'd see her working are and think "I can't let a pregnant lady beat me!" :)
Today is a day of tying up loose ends at work...slowly it's coming together so I can leave without guilt for a whole 10 days. Ah! Starting to count down the days.... Everyone is saying their holiday goodbyes and heading home one by one. I have 2 days left, but we get the whole week off next week as campus shuts down. It's definitely one perk of working in academia.
I'm glad I'm not travelling anywhere this year...just going to be here with family. All my gift running about is done, and now it's just party prep and last minute cupcake time. I have made my costume up for the party on the 26th. I'm getting excited :)

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azusmom said...

Party prep: SO much more fun than real work, lol!
Except for the cleaning.
I've always admired very pregnant women who still manage to keep up with the rest of the class. That was so not me.