bah humbug

I didn't know what to do today so I popped in to spin class, which ended up being spin and sculpt...sort of. The CD player and iPod thing is in for repair, so class was on a CD from a past spin class on a little portable CD player that skipped a lot...and then 15 minutes of ab work after. Not ideal, but I pushed myself. Better than a boot to the head...
Lots to do's hoping this weekend will go well. There is lots to do.


This time off to relax and write my thesis is not very relaxing. I'm hoping it will wind down in a bit. Thankfully christmas shopping is essentially done. I'm waiting for the holidays to get here...1 more week!

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azusmom said...

How did this happen?!?! Wasn't it just August?
Hoe all goes well with your thesis!!!!