Ho ho ho

AH. I had a nice weekend off. Spent time with friends building robots of decor for a space themed party we're throwing over the holidays and baking an obscene amount of cookies to send to my sister (and my stomach..heh heh). New favourites include mexican wedding cookies (shortbread with vanilla beans and toasted walnuts....mmmm). I had the first eggnog pancakes of the season and got to put up my Christmas tree. It's the first year since mom died that I really felt like putting up the big tree...it's something she and I would do together often and it just didn't seem right the last few years. Last night I put it up finally...it looks great. It's nana's old white tree with lots of silver and blue lights. I love it. It officially feels like christmas now. :)
Dad had to get to the airport by 5 this morning, so I was up to see him off and then came in to the gym to workout A + abfest and some stair climber action. I have a cold I finally admit now, but I'm not really good and properly sick, so I'm just sniffly and a bit squeaky...I'm going to take it as it comes and if I get any sicker I'll take a break and sleep in to see if it helps me get well. Considering how hard I pushed myself I'm really not surprised I'm a bit sick...I just wish I'd get good and properly sick or get well...this in between business allows me to get things done, but it feels like I'm cheating somehow. The workout this AM went fine, so I'm going to play it by ear...
Hope you all had a nice weekend.
I'm off to the lab...lots to do.
I found this cartoon that describes grad student life pretty well...made me snicker...:)

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azusmom said...

LOVE the cartoon! I remember leaving class early one day during grad school because I was sick. I stopped by the grocery store for some Tylenol, and was amazed that there were people out and about, lol!
Hope you're feeling better soon!