Safety first

Last night I got some christmas shopping done - got me out of the house and occupied and whittles down the holiday list considerably. I managed to be frugal and still get something cool for all 3 of our nieces...but I didn't see J at all yesterday. That. Sucks. He got home late, after I had called it a night...
This morning at 7 AM I had on site safety training so I can go onto the construction site of the new lab building, so there was no workout today. I might do something after work - we'll see. Now I can put on a hardhat and boots and see the new labspace...which will be cool.
But, at the moment I just want to make peace in my home.
I finally have some free time...and it's not what I had planned.

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azusmom said...

The rest: it will all work out.