Soon :)

Mmmm...this weekend involved a lot of robots and wine and cheese. Yum. More decor prep for the party...then it was my husband's family christmas dinner with gramma cabbage rolls...and then my new boss had us all over for wine and munchables on sunday...oh the cheese! I was worried it would be weird and snobby but it was a lot of fun...and the appetizers were yummy. :) I'm getting all festive...
I didn't go overboard too much (I'm really getting the hang of this "just have a little" business), but it felt very good to get up this AM after a few good night's sleep and have a solid workout. My workout A with abfest and 28 minutes on the stair climber-felt GREAT. :) Cottage cheese and raspberries as a reward...yum...

Now - to dive into the final week of work before a nice break. My office shuts down for the week between Christmas and New Year's and I'm means an extra week off :) I'll probably do some home workouts, but I have plans to spend a day or two organizing my life and getting things back to where I'd like them to be. I've been so busy that my house is a gong show. And I'd like to read a bit for fun...just sit and sip tea and read with a cat in my lap for a few hours...that would be nice. I have plenty of wine and apple juice to mull over the holidays. Looking forward to more relaxing.

Just one more week :)


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