Thankfully the CD player is still out for repair at the gym so we were spared the christmas tunes this morning in spin and sculpt. It was a good workout but I wasn't in the mood for Boney M at 6:30 am.
It's unseasonably warm this year...really weird - basically no snow at all and hovering around 0. It's nice, but sure not feeling a lot like christmas without the white stuff...By now there's usually a few feet of the whiteness and stupid cold weather.
Only 4 days left until a few days off and our space party. I'm hoping to watch Nightmare Before Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life at some point as well...
I'm really just looking forward to a few days off with J. His boss is a being a fantastic arse at the moment, and a few days of relaxing will do us all some good I think. Just have to be good for 4 more days...there aren't a lot of people around to inventory this week so it's a bit slow...a few days of just us will be wonderful.
For now, I have a big pot of pumpkin curry soup and some gramma buns to keep me going until the weekend.

Courage :)

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Redbush said...

Having a few days off is definitely a good thing to look forward too. Some bosses tend to have the arse syndrome. I had one like that. I used to look forward to weekends as soon as Monday hit me! We have not much snow either, but, I don't miss it. It does help to get in the Christmas spirit, though.