Fixing a hole where the rain gets in...

Last night I was out in the yard taming the jungle (we haven't mowed in about 3 weeks from all the rain) and then hopped up on the roof to try and patch up a leak we have around the vent flashing for the bathroom. I'm hoping all the tar I slathered on up there will do the trick. The leaking when it rains has gotten progressively worse and it's gotten to the point where we can't ignore it anymore. Before we hired someone to do some serious work, I wanted to see what we could do on our own. Now I actually *want* it to rain just so I can see how well the patch worked :)
This AM I was up and in to work out again, with my other regular workout and 29 minutes on the bike. I still had to pace myself so I didn't cough too much but I had a nice solid workout and I feel quite good now.
Today there is much to do at work and at home after, so I must be off.
Hope you all have a great day :)


Adam Waterford said…
How was the view up on the roof? Sometimes the view from a roof can be pretty scenic... then again, you don't really have a lot of time to look around when you're up there fixing things. Well, I hope the tar holds! Constant leaks can be pretty annoying if they just keep dripping and dripping and dripping, right?
Geosomin said…
the view was great :) Sunset on the the river...I admit I took longer than needed, just to be up there for longer...

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