I'm back baby!

Hello there! How is ya all?
I am back from holidays...with a tan and a few extra pounds. I am totally relaxed and ready for life again. Yes...it was a good holiday.
J and I went camping to a music festival with friends for 6 days and had a wonderful time, and then after a single day back (and 2 workouts I diligently fit in there in the middle) I was up at the lake with my Dad and J's family who rented out the cabin next to my Dad's for a week. It was kinda rainy, but I had a great time anyways...lots of relaxing and visiting and so. much. food. I admit, I totally went off diet and I know I'm up about 5 Lb (not just off the wagon but running screaming in the opposite direction!), but considering the lazy glutton I made of myself I am not surprised. It was fun tho - caught some fish, ate some shmores, played with my nieces, hugged my Dad...I am ready to be very healthy and work to get back to where I was, and don't regret it...well not much anyways. It was what I needed to get back in the right headspace and feel like me again. I did overdo it a bit, but I needed to get away to find myself again. And I did...

SO...I'm back at work this morning, after a solid workout and a healthy breakfast. It's healthy meals and back at the MSc stuff again...after 3 weeks off of it it will take a few days to get back up to speed, but honestly - ees cool. I'll catch up. I will figure it out. Life will go on and I am ready for it.

I'm off to science town! Later taters :)

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azusmom said...

Sounds like a great time, and just what you needed.
Welcome back!