Hardcore workout day

Today I had a solid workout. I love what my body can do.
My workout was workout "B", which I'm going to list, so it's "out there" and I can just call it that from now on...
3 sets of 20 deadlifts (50 Lb)
2 sets of 10 walking lunges with 10Lb torso twists
2 sets of 10 one legged bulgarian squats
2 sets of sides lunges with 10Lb weight
3 sets of 12 at 50 Lb -leg extensions
2 sets of 20 at 90 Lb on the hip machine each of- back/butt, then inner leg, then outer leg
2 sets of 10 burpees - with full manly pushups. Oh. Yeah.

Then 29 minutes on the bike at resistance 5 and my abfest, cuz it's wednesday.

I admit - I'm feeling pretty fierce. I'm down 1 Lb...which means I have 4.5 to recover left from my holiday of overdoing it...but I don't want to focus on numbers. I'm just loving how I *feel* again. Strong. Confident. I want more of *that*. :)

It was strange - on holidays I ate like I used to *before*. And I wonder - just how easy would it be to slip back to that. I admit I really showed no restraint...and I don't think I will do so on my next holiday. It was like I tried to make up for a year of healthy eating all in a week or so. I thought having someone else look after the food would be relaxing - and it was, but definitely not healthy. J's family doesn't eat as healthily as we do now. So, next holiday I will plan a bit - bring healthy snacks and sides...more fruits and veggies. Because a little indulgence is OK. What I did? Well, I knew damn well that I shouldn't need to use tums every day because my stomach hurt is all I'm saying. And the funny thing is - I learned a bit about myself. How I celebrate with food, but there is a line...how I'll still eat whatever is in front of me if I'm not being diligent. I kept telling myself I was on holiday so it was OK to have everything and then a few beer on top of it all. It is no wonder I used to weigh so much more than I do.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not feeling guilty - I just feel so much more aware of myself and how I still have "that" side of me...the overeating side. It reminded me that I do not think I ever will be able to have a normal relationship with food all the time. How I need to find some moderate exercise even when I'm on holidays. Despite how it annoys me, I just will have to be diligent with food and exercise...for the rest of my life - it is what I must do if I want to be who I am now physically.

August is going to be all about healthy choices - paying attention to what I eat. Not calories, but investing in veggies and grains and perhaps finding a few more new healthy recipes that I like. Minimal processed foods, with a focus on food as fuel. I will continue to tweak my workouts and increase my burpees to 30 twice a week. I will make each workout count. I will do what I can when I can. I will take pride in each new day. I will push to finish my MSc research so I can begin (meep) my thesis.

After all - I am the uberfrau. I am worth it.

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Charlotte said...

Your workout looks awesome!!! And yeah, I totally understand what you mean about not ever being able to have a "normal" relationship with food. Me too, sister. Me too.