...this AM I ate a granola bar before I worked out as I was hungry and it sat like a brick in my stomach the whole time. Bleh. Note to food before workouts...

Last night was *SO* hot and of those days I'm glad we have AC. We don't use it very often, but sometimes you just have to to cool off the place to get to sleep. Usually opening the windows to the breeze will do the trick, but not last night. Yes, summer is officially here. I'm hoping for a thunderstorm today to break the humidity and to test out my patching skills...

I was in and did the same workout as wednesday, and now after a healthy breakfast I'm in at work, ready to go. I'm trying to get a few things organised and worked out so that when I take 10 days off things will be looked after while I'm's hoping it all comes together. Stuff like this always pops up while I'm away it seems...

I was in the mall wandering about last night doing some errands and in addition to picking up a few cheap summer duds I came across a bathing suit sale...and am now the proud owner of my very first string bikini. I know. Crazy. I never in my life thought I'd be able to wear, and look good in, one of these. But you know - I do. :) I'm certainly not perfect, but's good enough for me :) Best $20 I've spent in a while...J was in awe's so sweet how he loves the changes in me as much as I do :). Knowing he's loved me all along at all my sizes and shapes is invaluable to me...I asked him and he is OK with me posting a pic of myself in it for the bikini challenge, so I'll get him to snap a pic of me in it to post. Bwaha! Victory :)
Have a nice sunny day all! I plan on finding a balance between work and having a bit of a life this weekend...and by life I mean mojitos :)
Later taters!


Marste said…
Congratulations on the bikini! Not just on buying it . . . but on having the confidence to do it! :)

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