Better late than ever - my bikini challenge after photo

Aaaaaaaaand -because I promised - here we go. Better late than never -a few goofy "after" photos from YumYucky's Bikini challenge that I've been working hard on the last few months.

They were taken by my luv at a music festival a week or so ago, in a moment of happy strangeness after a day at the beach while putting together a costume for a party that evening. I don't really have a before shot, which is why I didn't submit it all official-like, but I wanted to post them because I'm pretty proud of the muscle tone I've been developing. My holiday away did not enhance this look by any means, but I want to keep it up. It was strange and fantastic to wear a string bikini and not feel awkward in it.
Crazy. I like it...
Yay me :)


Camevil said…
Seriously? These are the best bikini photos I've seen. The mask and framing....perfect. Oh, and you are looking pretty sweet, too.
Yum Yucky said…
Woman, do you realize you are in a bikini... in the woods... with a BEAR helmet on? Oh my. Dear God, I have to put your pic up on my blog. I shall wait for your permission. but PLEASE!!! (oh, and the bod looks fantastic. go girl!)
Charlotte said…
BEST BIKINI PICS EVER. Seriously. Not only do you look aMAYzing but the bear helmet is hilarious. I love you.
Geosomin - you are amazing & too funny! Multi talented between this, your work & your workouts!!!
Cuppypower said…
That is one sexy beast!:D
got2run4me said…
You look great! At least your body does. And, hey, I'm a biotech patent attorney, so let's patent your bad-ass bear-abs self!

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