Ah. Back again.
It was a lovely week off. I could use more actually.
Yesterday I was rather pouty and annoying to be about I'm sure as I moped about at the thought of returning to work today...but it's not so bad. We had a lovely time off in the woods visiting friends in the sunshine and dancing the night away. The weather was perfect - 20 degrees with a breeze. And it turns out that I can dance for a long time now...hooray for workouts :) Yes, it was a great little holiday. I'm looking forward to my next week off in a little bit. I want MORE laziness :)

This AM, despite being out late last night I was up and in to the gym. I did one of my usual workouts and abfest and then on the bike for 27 minutes. I came down with a cold while on holiday (whee) but I haven't gotten super sick, so it hasn't slowed me down too much. I was able to workout today with no issues...just a few extra rests and a bit less intense on the cardio. It felt good to workout this morning...I missed it. Odd I know.

I shall keep going and work hard. Holidays like this remind me why I work so hard :)

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