I fixed it :)

I feel ever so relaxed. I took the weekend off from my MSc and focused on house stuff and spending time with my Luv. It was great. There were a few mojitos and tasty food, but nothing too out of line. I'm happy to report that my house and yard are in much better shape now, and my roof patch worked :) It rained yesterday rather hard for a few hours and the usual leaks are now gone. Meep!
This AM I was up and into work out as usual, doing workout #1 and my abfest with some time on the bike. I have healthy meals today, and lots to catch up on...I feel so very rested though. J and I watched Black Swan last night and I really enjoyed it...seeing Natalie Portman go wackadoo nuts from stress just reaffirmed that yes, me taking it a bit easy for a bit is good for me. I do not want to go nuts...I was very close to breaking down at the end of June and I need to recoup for the next final long haul of my MSc. I'm getting there...bit by bit. It's good to be me...I need to be reminded of that sometimes :)

Have a great day :)


azusmom said...

It's always great to get perspective, especially when it's watching someone else's fictional breakdown, lol! (And now I'm trying to imagine a scientific version of "Black Swan...")
Glad you had such a nice weekend!

Scrumpy said...

Sounds like you are very well balanced right now. Good work!