Bikinis and booty

I was reminded today - I've been in the bikini body challenge over at YumYucky's blog for the last few months and I really need to get to posting a "after" of me in a bikini. Ahem. Being lazy and on holidays, I only have this sort of relevant photo at the mo - it's from sunday when I was camping...I'm in a bikini top. Which is kinda half way there. It's all I've got for now...I promise to have a full one soon...ish. :) If nothing else, when I'm at the beach next week I'll snap one. I confess I've still got some of the old insecurities when it comes to bikini bottoms....not a huge fan of the bottoms, but I'll rock the tops this summer :)

So how about you? You feeling good for summer?


azusmom said...

If I looked like you I'd walk around naked. Everywhere. All the time.
OK, maybe not in February.
You look great!!!!!

Yum Yucky said...

Just throw on some booty shorts and rock that bikini top! And, uhh, wassup with the naked men in your sidebar? Why didn't I think to do that?? Dern.