Chicka chicka!

Last night I had my first bellydance class of the spring session. I had to go on a bus adventure to get there but it was worth it. The intermediate/conditioning class was cancelled due to lack of people, so we all lumped in to the beginner class...our instructor is still as great as I remember her. She's changing her approach this term from learning a routine to concentrating on moves and form, but that 's fine with me. I need the methodical practice to get some of my moves down better. The new group of ladies are wonderful - all shapes and ages, 16-62! And the instructor is giving us girls who've taken a few courses before more complicated combos of moves the other girls are just learning to keep us challenged. I like it already...

I'm still going thru the solo and other routines as often as I can...nearly got the moves down for the solo now too- wohoo! After class, as I waited, all suited up in my snow gear last night to go home I danced away and practiced the routines at the bus stop...I'm sure it looked odd to see a skipant and balaclava clad lady dancing about on the corner at 9 at night in -35 weather, but I had a great time. If I amused anyone else-hey all the better.

I'm excited about getting a few bellydance cardio DVDs. It looks like a lot of fun, and an alternate workout to my ball DVD that will help me strengthen the muscles I'm using more now will be a good idea-World Dance New York has a lot of different DVDs for styles of dancing and for yoga/strengthening. I've been eying up a few of the I do believe I will order this Fusion cardio DVD for some cardio, and think I might add in a conditioning DVD like this or this to keep it interesting. And this veil technique one looks cool too.
It's exciting...I'm getting the same buzz I get from running from doing this too. Me hee :)
I am fighting the winter crazies with jiggle power...:)

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Scrumpy's Baker said...

Love jiggle power! It sounds like you are having so much fun. I think I may just take a bellydancing class when I move to Chicago. Sounds like a fun way to meet some fun gals.