Firm, yet achy. Stiff, yet nimble

I am stiff my friends.
Yes it is true.
Last night at class we worked hard. Lots of shimmying with combination moves: shimmy with hip circles. Shimmy with hip slides. Shimmy with various arm movements. After a while I was getting reasonably good at doing multiple things at the same time, but it's sort of like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time.
I've also gotten more practice at snake in the basket circling hips, chest and head with my arms over my head like a genie...looks cool, and I'm getting reasonably less comical as I go.

Tonight I'm helping someone paint...if my muscles don't revolt on me. I'm getting less stiff than I used to from this, but in different places now. Joy. It is encouraging though, as I am building muscles. I can not only see the tone, but I can do more, and I have more control over my movements now.

Plus it's fun.

I sure could use a nap though :)
I'm looking forward to tomorrow night. I have to work saturday and have an Alzheimer's pledge walk on sunday, so I'm doing diddly squat, watching some Battlestar Galactica and sitting on my bum drinking tea. Swinging friday plans I know. I'm insanely excited about it though. I haven't had any time off all week...I need the break. J has been on nights and I try and fill up my time when he's not around with things to do. Went a bit overboard this week though methinks...



MizFit said...

and kinda sounds like the core rhythm latin dance dvds I need to get off my arse and give away :)

Merry said...

Do you prefer tribal? I'm curious. I've always stuck to the traditional style belly dancing.

Geosomin said...

I'm bot sure just yet.
Tribal seems a lot more bouyant and energetic, and I like the idea of dancing as a group.
I'll have to try a few more lessons first before I give up my opinion...