Rated M for Mature

I think my taste buds are "maturing"

I'm starting to like some red wine, and a lot of things I used to like just seem bland or fake to me. Take ranch dressing: I recall a time when I would drown things in it, dip away, even use it in making cream sauce. Now...it tastes oily and bland and blechy...give me some homemade spiced mayo with chipotle or garlic anyday...or oil and vinegar...or curried sour cream. I can't eat Velveeta either...tastes like plastic.
I've found some tequilas I like, and have developed a fondness for some of the better scotches and bourbons. Still love a good beer, but no longer American lager. Weiss beers, Ales, Stouts...I'll take them instead.

I like mustard now...particularly the seedy Guinness kind.
Pickles? Yup...even on the odd sandwich. Horseradish too.
I'll voluntarily eat tomatoes and brussel sprouts when I'm in the mood for them...

What gives?
Either I've worn out some taste buds and new ones have jumped up to fill in the thin red line that like these new things, or my tastes have changed...maybe cutting out some oil and fat, and using more herbs and spices has gotten me to actually appreciate flavours. I still like some dipping sauces (can't let go of ketchup) but there are lots of other chutneys and oriental sauces I've discovered.
Even snacking...I prefer pita chips with salsa and fat free sour cream or popcorn. I'll snarf dates and dried apricots. Cheese and crackers and fruit still win out over all things in my world, but I try and scale that back to be healthy.

I'm finding that in a lot of cases I've just not found things I've "liked" in a particular kind of food before. My Mum does not like extreme flavours of any kind, and I've been having fun for the past few years discovering all the flavours that food didn't have when I grew up. She wasn't a bad cook...just simple. All the stronger flavours were too much at first - I didn't know what to think of them. There are so many flavours out there though- It's encouraged me to try new ingredients and foods at least once...I've been pleasantly surprised on more than one occasion. Having a husband who is willing to try mnost anything (except seafood) once, has made it easier to experiment...and sometimes we hit the jackpot. Exciting new things from other cuisines like Japanese coconut or sesame kanten blow my fragile little mind. I love curries and eggplant and tofu. Who woulda thunk it?

(For the record tho, I still hate raisins. And cheap tequila or gin. Don't even get me started on cilantro. Gag.)

How about you?
Have you found your tastes have changed???
Anything new in your world?
I'm on the hunt for new flavours...


Donn Coppens said...

It is annoying but not as annoying as the vison and hearing thingamabob.

I realise that our senses start to fade because we didn't evolve to live as long as we do..historically 40 was OLD! We are living in uncharted territory. Since it's not nice to fool Mother Nature, she has developed all sorts of ways to remind us that we are past our best before date.

I really like those flavoured Tequilas in the pretty blue bottles...although I am keenly aware that you take your reputation in your hands every time you start drinking Waheelah!
Every bottle should come with a label reminding you to keep your clothes on..
no matter how awesome and funny you think it will be to get nekked at the time.

LDahl said...

Velveeta ...ick! The thing I miss the most is the taste of really good chocolate. Now I don't mind most of the foods that would have me searching for pets lurking under the table when I was a kid, but liver is still on my gag list. Vile stuff it was then, and vile it remains!