Note to self: you are not a giant 6 foot muscle man

Yesterday I was in a hurry to ship back a large heavy box to a company and meet a pickup deadline. I had no cart for the box within any reasonable distance so I just carried it myself...lift with the knees...stagger arm carry...down two long halls...up 2 flights of stairs...and down the hall thru the door to the desk.
Today my arms and back are stiff from all that. It wasn't too heavy...just awkward and after that long of a carry, a strain on my beautiful arms and back. I was feeling the stiffness when I did my bellydancing last night. I did some extra stretching, but I still feel stiff in my back and arms.
You think I'd learn...but no.
Luckily no harm done...I'm still trying to get the moves for my solo down, now tht I've memorised the routines for the other 2 groups pieces. Anyone have any tips on proper snake in basket chest cirles? I look like a cougar trying to shake her can can to impress the young uns.
I still have a month to practice...thank god :)

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Haley said...

Dude, you're not alone -- I always think I can carry gigantic things and am shocked when it's difficult. :)