Hips Don't Lie...much

Practice practice....I'm getting to know a few songs really well.
My solo song is Ancient Ruins (link to song, but not me dancing it or my routine). The other group routine is Tamally Maak. Pretty songs and nice routines... No problem. Another group routine I'm not in is Brooklyn Baladi (again link to song, but not routine). It's a beautiful routine I wish I was in, but it's very tricky and I just don't have time.

But a song that I really am having issues with...that I must listen to over and over...and catch myself humming to myself is Hips Don't Lie by Shakira. The routine is fun and pretty, and the song has energy, but the gawdawful harpish squeak of a song...that I must listen to over and over...and learn the lyrics for motion cues to. Ick. I've never liked this song when it was on the radio.
Yet so help me...the more I listen, the more fun I have...and I find myself starting to like it, despite my best efforts...

My mind rejects it...yet I am powerless to stop it :)
Curse you Shakira.

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